Top 4 Tips For Growing Marijuana

If you want to get good quality buds, you would have to make sure that you keep every aspect in mind. From picking out the seeds to providing good quality soil, to get a proper yield, you would have to put in a lot of efforts.

Several of the top firms that sell Marijuana Seeds in Montana have remarked that most of the growers give up on growing cannabis because they don’t follow a few basic tips. To help you understand how to grow good quality yield, here are the top four tips for growing marijuana:

#1. Always begin with top-shelf genetics

If your ultimate goal is to get top-quality buds, you must always use top-shelf genetic strains. If you start with mid-quality cannabis strains, you won’t ever get top-quality buds because there is no way they can overcome their genetics.

When you make a switch to top-shelf cannabis strains, you would observe that the bud quality has improved significantly while the yield has also increased. In other words, it can be said that by using good-quality genetic strains, you would enjoy better quality buds and higher yields!

#2. Shower your cannabis plants with a lot of light

You may use top-shelf genetic strains, but if your plants don’t get enough light, there is no chance that your seeds would perform to their maximum potential. If you want your buds to be big and dense, most of the seed banks that sell marijuana seeds in Montana recommend the use of powerful grow lights, such as LEDs, HPS, and LECs.

When you shower your cannabis plants with strong and bright light, your strain would perform to its maximum potential. Hence, proper lighting means better bud density, stronger potency, and higher yields!

#3. Maintenance of temperature and humidity

Temperature and humidity play a crucial role in giving good quality yields. If your cannabis strain is in the flowering stage, make sure to maintain the daytime temperature at around 18-26 degree centigrade. However, if you are using CO2, the most idyllic daytime temperature would be at around 26-32 degree centigrade. The suitable night temperature for most of the strains is 20-24 degree centigrade.

In case the humidity is not maintained properly, it can give way to several unexpected problems. Keep in mind that if your cannabis strain is in the flowering stage, it would prefer lower humidity. If it is in the vegetative stage, the humidity must not drop below 40%. By maintaining the temperature and humidity, you would get good quality buds.

#4. Strong airflow and good ventilation

According to the best enterprises that sell marijuana seeds in Montana, strong airflow and ventilation play a vital role in producing dense buds. Hence, make sure that you install at least two-three oscillating fans along with a proper exhaust system. All of this would make sure that your cannabis plants get proper ventilation.   

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