Drug Addiction Rehab and Treatment

Estimates show that close to 800,000 people use heroin and cocaine, close to five million use cannabis (before its legalization in 2015), and almost 2.1 million use alcohol in California each year. Because of this, 6% of deaths recorded in California were caused by alcohol and drugs in the past ten years. There were close to 26,000 injuries Californians struggling with drug addiction resulting from accidents involving people driving under the influence.

This guide was written to help the large percentage of Californians struggling with drug addiction to find affordable rehabilitation that will help them recover and teach the general population about the effects of drug addiction in the state.

If you need help finding a rehabilitation facility, you can choose our Vallejo drug rehab. You can use our directory to find the rehab that provide cheap, quality treatment immediately. Read on to find out what you need to consider when choosing our Vallejo drug rehab center.

There are various kinds of rehab programs and treatment options you can consider. Some of the decisions you need to make when choosing are:

Service Setting: Are you looking for a residential inpatient program or an outpatient one?

Rehab Period: Are interested in a shorter rehab period (30 days) or the longer period options (60, 90, or 120+ days)?

The vital factors that determine which option will be best suited for you are the seriousness of your drug addiction, your financial position, and your personal preferences.

To learn more about how to make all of these decisions, you need to visit us our Vallejo drug rehab since it is the right rehab option for you.

How to Find a Drug Addiction Treatment Center in California

You need to start by looking at your coverage

If you use a private insurance cover or coverage bought through the healthcare market, get in touch with our plan provider to know which services are covered. If you use Medicaid (or to find out if you meet the requirements to do so), visit our Vallejo drug rehab to begin. Whichever kind of healthcare insurance cover you have, insurance firms, both private and public, are required to cover drug addiction treatment for those who qualify.

Plan an assessment

Most centers offer assessments, or you can ask your primary care physician to refer you.

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