The new class of drugs being studied to treat obesity is Tirzepatide. Tirzepatide activates the body’s GIP (glucose dependent insulinotropic polypeptide), and GLP-1 receptors. It is given once a week.

Semaglutide, a GLP-1 activator and FDA approved weight loss drug, is a relatively new medication. Weight loss medication is not new and has proven to be very effective. Semaglutide has been a drug which has shown incredible results in Transform You patients. Tirzepatide is the new kid on the block. Here’s the scoop.


New England Journal of Medicine has published a report about a study in which Tirzepatide was used as a treatment to treat obesity and excess weight among adults without diabetes. Participants saw sustained and measurable weight loss after receiving a Tirzepatide injection once a week. Study group lost weight between 85%-91%, compared to only 35% for the placebo group. The 10-mg Tirzepatide Group lost 50% and the 15mg Group 57% of its members. The Tirzepatide Group also showed improvements in metabolism and cardiovascular measurements.

Patients taking 5 mg of tirzepatide in the phase 3 SURMOUNT-1 study lost weight on average by 16%. Patients taking 10 mg of tirzepatide lost an average of 21.4%, or about 49 pounds. Weight loss averaged 22.5% for patients taking 15 mg.

FDA approved Tirzepatide in May 2022, a dual GIP/GLP-1 inhibitor. Eli Lilly announced that the drug would be available soon in US pharmacies. Eli Lilly now allows Tirzepatide weight loss medication. The presentation was made at the 82nd Scientific Sessions by the American Diabetes Association. The presentation praised Tirzepatide for its ability to treat obesity and diabetes.

Jeff Emmick is Vice President for Product Development at Lilly Diabetes. He stated that “Tirzepatide” was the first experimental drug to achieve a weight loss of more than 20% during a phase 3-trial. This is a confirmation of our belief that it can help those with obesity. Because obesity is a chronic condition, it is vital to treat it effectively.

Tirzepatide Weight Loss Benefits

Tirzepatide can cause:

  • Substantial A1C cuts
  • Weight loss is on a rise
  • Improved cardiometabolic measurements
  • Diabetes patients have higher levels of triglycerides
  • Appetite decrease
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Insulin sensitivity increases

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