Dental Crowns: Understanding the Advantages of Same-Day Crowns

Dental crowns are one of the practical solutions to improve the appearance of your teeth. If there is a decayed tooth or stains on your teeth, then crowns can help you improve the appearance as they will hide the decayed part and provide a new natural look. Various revolutionary techniques streamline the process of cosmetic dentistry, and dental crowns are one of those procedures. 

However, crowns take some time, and to improve this time lag, there is also a procedure for same-day crowns. So, in this article, we will study same-day crowns and what are the advantages of same-day crowns. If you are in Powell, then you can consult the Powell, TN dental office, which can solve any dental issues professionally. 

What are Same Day Crowns? 

Same-day crowns are also known as CEREC crowns, which are custom-made crowns that are fabricated and placed in a single visit to the dentist’s office. In this, there is an innovative technology that utilizes CAD/CAM technologies to create precise and high-quality dental restorations within a few hours. It eliminates the need for multiple appointments and temporary crowns and is thus easy for the patients. 

What are the Advantages of Same Day Crowns? 

  • Time-saving convenience: The traditional dental crowns require two or more appointments for better results. However, these same-day crowns are for patients who want to minimize their treatment time and improve the condition of their damaged and decayed teeth by restoring their natural look. It saves you valuable time by reducing disruptions to busy schedules. 
  • Enhanced Comfort: It improves the comfort for the patients as there is no issue with temporary crowns. When you have same-day crowns, there is no need for temporary restorations, which will be vulnerable to breakage and discomfort. Advanced technologies can help create a permanent crown on the same day and ensure immediate comfort and functionality. 
  • Superior Aesthetics: Same-day crowns are crafted with high-quality ceramic materials, which are designed to match the natural color and clarity of the existing teeth. Thus, it results in seamless integration with your smile by providing aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking results to enhance the overall appearance. 
  • Precise Fit and Functionality: When you are opting for same-day crowns, CAD/CAM technologies are used to create them. So, in this procedure, there is unparalleled precision and accuracy that ensures a custom-designed fit for your teeth. 

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