The Importance of Proper First Aid

Not only the success of further treatment, but sometimes the life of the victim depends on the timely and correct provision of first aid. In some cases, the victim has to give first aid to himself – to stop the bleeding, apply a bandage, and more. Many people do not know the initial signs of a stroke and heart attack when a person`s life depends on the speedy call of the ambulance or delivery to a medical facility. That is why it is so important that everyone is able to properly and in the shortest possible time to provide First Aid to those who need it. Erste-Hilfe Kurs München will provide you with clear information on actions in various situations where people are injured and you will gain first aid skills according to modern European standards.

General requirements

The person providing assistance on Erste Hilfe Kurs laim should be able to: 

  • assess the victim’s condition and determine what assistance he needs in the first place; to ensure free patency of the upper respiratory tract of the victim; 
  • perform artificial respiration “mouth to mouth”, “mouth to nose” and external (indirect) heart massage;
  •  temporarily stop the bleeding by applying a tourniquet, a tight bandage, finger pressure on the vessel;
  •  apply a bandage for various injuries (wounds, burns, frostbite);
  •  to immobilize the injured part of the body in case of bone fracture, severe dislocation, thermal damage; 
  • provide assistance in case of heat and sunstroke, acute poisoning, unconsciousness, and other accidents; 
  • use a first aid kit for home care.

With blr Akademie Erste Hilfe Kurs you will learn not only to provide the First Aid but also to clearly acquaint the ambulance representatives with the current situation, which is extremely important. Erste Hilfe sehtest will give you theoretical and practical knowledge. You will feel more confident in the future.

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