Reflexology massage

Reflexology massage is the kind of massage that involves applying a wearing amount of pressure to feet, hands and ears. The entire doctrine of reflexology is based on this basic principle that these body parts are connected to certain organs and body systems and by applying pressure on these Parts of the body certain  ailments and conditions can be cured.  applying pressure to the parts of the body also offers a range of health benefits. People who practice this doctrine  are called reflexologists.

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There are quite a lot of theories on how reflexology works. The ancient chinese belief is that there is “qi” energy flowing in the body and when a person is stressed the xi is blocked, causing imbalance in the body and eventually leading to illness. Reflexology aims to keep the qi Flowing through the body to keep it disease free. Reflexologists use maps of these pressure points in the feet, hands and ears to determine where they should apply pressure. 

Reflexology helps in reducing stress and anxiety, in uplifting the mod and improving general well-being of an individual.

 reflexology may also help individuals in boosting the immune system and in fighting cancer
It helps in getting over cold and infections related to bacteria

  • It helps in clearing up sinus  problems
  • It helps in recovering from back problems and muscle cramps
  • Reflexology is also said to correct hormonal imbalances
  • It provides relief from Arthritis pain
  • Reflexology is also said to improve digestion and treat a number of nerve problems
  • It is also said to boost fertility 

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Though a lot of people do practice it at home after a certain number of sessions with a  licensed practitioner. It is recommended to go for doctors suggestion before considering reflexology as a main course of treatment.  it is advisable to use reflexology in tandem with your other medical treatment after Consulting with the doctor . However you should reconsider reflexology as your treatment if you have circulatory problem in the feet,  or any blood clots for inflammation of your leg veins,  or if you have fungal infections or athlete food or open wounds on your hands and feet.  people with conditions like thyroid gout foot ulcers and epilepsy should not consider reflexology as a treatment.

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