Just what is alcoholism and what can be done about it?

The vast majority of professionals agree that in cases of alcoholism, abstinence should be the ultimate therapeutic aim. Adequate drinking behavior from a health and social perspective, i.e. not fully abstaining from alcohol, is only achievable as a therapeutic aim for someone who has been drinking alcohol for a relatively short amount of time in such a manner that one may talk about abuse.

Constraint in one’s alcoholic intake

Only around 8 percent of alcoholics have the ability to drink in moderation, according to studies. Nevertheless, it is not known which patients are competent and why this is the case. Some treatment facilities allow for moderate alcohol use as part of the therapeutic process. All concerned parties must adhere scrupulously to these details: For instance, the patient must abstain from alcohol on at least two days each week, and a certain number of water must be consumed each week. Complete abstinence should be the objective of treatment regardless of whether the afflicted individual is successful in achieving this over a certain amount of time.

Behavior and Cognitive Therapy

Motivating discussions and relapse prevention strategies are at the heart of behavioral therapy. Prior to beginning treatment, therapists and patients will collaborate to set realistic objectives for the process. The causes of excessive drinking, for instance, are identified and addressed.

The benefits and drawbacks of alcohol use in the past are also calculated and compared to those of alcohol-free living or moderate alcohol use.

If the patient has chosen abstinence or moderate drinking, he will work on developing the ability to anticipate situations that could lead him to drink and practice alternative responses. In doing so, he acquires more healthy means of handling stress and replacing his habitual use of alcohol. If you have a strong need for alcohol, for instance, you may try jogging or calling a trusted friend to talk it out.

Through exposure and rejection, the patient is coached on how to handle circumstances where alcohol may be present. He figures out how to resist the pull of booze and politely refuse offers and invites to imbibe.

Is there a doctor or a rehab facility that can tell me what’s going on?

Problems stemming from alcoholism are usually what prompt a doctor’s appointment, rather than alcoholism itself.

The patient’s medical history, physical exam, and blood work may all provide clues to their alcohol intake levels. The real cause for the doctor’s appointment, as well as any preexisting difficulties, have a role in determining the scope of exams performed.

If folks who are afflicted with alcoholism want to do something about it, even if it’s only a suspicion, they should seek help from professionals such as physicians and advice centers. If you have the inkling that your drinking habits are off, it should be enough to spark a discussion. Consultants and physicians often start with questions regarding how much alcohol is consumed and living situations. It is critical to have frank discussions with persons who may be impacted by alcoholism in order to get an accurate diagnosis. Psychological surveys are used to make a diagnosis of alcoholism. It’s possible the doctor may draw blood to check for signs of alcoholism, since there are markers in the blood that can help doctors make that diagnosis.

We also talk about people’s expectations for therapy and the reasons they’ve decided to get help. After this, everyone pitches in to decide what to do next. Even if a person does not have an alcohol use problem, they may still benefit from the many tools out there that can help them cut down on alcohol or stop drinking entirely.

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