How are You Going to Select the Best Face Mask for You?

Among the most vital parts of CPAP treatment is discovering the best CPAP mask for your specific needs. That’s because you’re most likely to abandon your therapy if your mask isn’t comfortable. This not just leaves your wellness in jeopardy, yet might create your insurance policy to quit paying for your CPAP products and machine.

To figure out what mask style will be the comfiest suitable for you you’ll require to take into consideration how you rest, how you take a breath, as well as your stress setups. But initially, you’ll require to comprehend your choices.

Complete Face CPAP Mask

This design covers your nose and mouth, enabling you the alternative to take a breath with either. Some people discover complete face masks to be more comfortable since the wider area spreads the air pressure out.

Though full-face masks often tend to be bulkier than the other designs, more recent layouts offer a slimmer account that gives a broader field of vision, as well as needs less headgear.

  • Sleeping Setting: Side sleepers, back sleepers
  • Breathing Style: Nose breathers, mouth breathers

You need to select a full-face CPAP mask if

  • You take a breath with your mouth or sleep with your mouth open
  • You experience frequent nasal allergies or blockage
  • You need high respiratory tract pressure

Nasal CPAP Mask

There are two various designs of a nasal masks. The initial kind fits over your nose, covering from the bridge of your nose to your upper lip. These may/may not consist of a temple pad for stability.

Newer styles of Dreamwisp nasal mask cradle underneath your nose, for a slimmer profile, as well as less contact with your face.

In either situation, nasal masks supply air movement to your nasal area, but not directly into your nostrils as a nasal cushion would.

  • Sleeping Setting: Back sleepers, side sleepers, active sleepers
  • Breathing Style: Only nose

You must choose a nasal CPAP mask if:

  • You sleep on your side or toss and turn in your sleep
  • You like to check out or watch TV before bed
  • You want a smaller-sized mask, yet don’t want airflow directly in your nostrils

Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

The “pillows” of a nasal cushion mask are two soft, silicone pads that fit simply inside the nostrils. These inflate somewhat to develop the seal, as well as supply air straight into your nasal flow. This allows for a smaller sized, as well as lighter mask, that still supplies a reliable seal, and decreases the potential for air leakage.

Considering that the seal happens at the nostrils, you will not need to worry about face hair avoiding an excellent seal. This makes nasal pillows a popular selection for CPAP customers with beards.

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