Five Common Sports Injuries that Physiotherapy Can Help Address

Sports activities can be tough on the body as you age and if you are not properly equipped or warmed up. This can put you at risk of sports injuries. If you have suffered a sports injury, you should book an appointment at an Integral Performance Physiotherapy clinic. You need a physiotherapist to help relieve your pain and other symptoms as well as address their causes. The following are the common sports injuries and how physiotherapy can help fix them:

Ankle Sprain

An ankle sprain impacts your foot ligaments and happens when you roll or turn over your ankle, causing bruising and tearing. To reduce the pain and inflammation that results from this injury, you must implement the RICE technique. This means resting the injured foot, applying ice on the injury site, compressing it, and elevating the foot. Also, you need to go to a physiotherapy clinic to get a further assessment and get recommended exercises to help you recover. Also, these exercises can help you reduce the chances of recurrence and avoid chronic issues.

Plantar Fasciitis

This sports injury results from repeated foot strain and stress. Usually, it can happen due to poor technique and when you wear improper footwear. Also, having flat feet, being overweight, or being on your feet constantly makes you susceptible to plantar fasciitis. 

To relieve plantar fasciitis pain and stiffness, you need to roll a small item like a water bottle or golf ball to stretch the fascia. Also, you can get further advice and treatment from a physiotherapist to help ease your pain and heal your injury.

ACL Strain

The ACL is a middle knee ligament that may be injured in sports like hockey, basketball, and soccer. It takes place due to a wrong movement or knee twisting. Treatment for this injury depends on the seriousness of the situation and you must visit a physiotherapist to get a further assessment. The therapist may recommend treatments and exercises to help heal and strengthen the muscles around the knee. 

Lower Back Pain

Often, back injuries happen because of improper form, particularly when you lift or shift position. To stay active in your favorite sports, you must seek help from a physiotherapist who can help you learn proper techniques, stretches, and strengthening exercises to avoid further problems. 

Quad Strain

This sports injury can happen when you failed to perform stretching exercises or have pushed yourself hard. When you sustain this injury, you could experience mild discomfort or serious damage that necessitates the use of crutches. Your therapist may require strengthening and exercise to recover from quad strains. 

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