Are allergy shots really worth it?

Having itchy skin and flares even for a brief moment can make a person’s day go bad. Just imagine if you have to live with this condition for almost the rest of your life or on a daily basis. Surely it feels like hell on earth. Such conditions are common in those experiencing severe allergy reactions. An allergy is the body’s immune system reacting excessively towards harmless substances known as allergens. There are various treatments available to help a person’s allergic symptoms from getting worse. Some may even opt for allergy shots. The question now is, are allergy shots really worth it?

First thing first, what exactly is allergy shots? Allergy shots are a type of immunotherapy that works as a long-term treatment for cases associated with allergy. Allergy shots aim to decrease a person’s sensitivity towards allergens by desensitising the immune system. It also helps to relieve a person’s allergy symptoms in the long run. Although allergy shots seem to be effective on many types of allergies including allergic rhinitis, seasonal allergic such as hay fever, indoor allergens such as mites, mild or pets’ fur, asthma allergies, conjunctivitis or stinging insect allergy, it is not effective for food allergy and chronic urticaria.

Allergy shots work the same as vaccines. The first phase of the shots aims to find the effective dose. In this phase, a person will be receiving increasing amounts of allergens 1 to 2 times per week. This range often lasts from 3 to 6 months. Second phase starts when the effective dose is established. In this phase, maintenance shots are given about once a month for 3 to 5 years. Each allergy shot consists of a small amount of specific substance or allergens that cause the allergic reactions. This type of shot is enough to stimulate the immune system and should not be leading to a full-blown allergic reaction. It also helps to build tolerance towards allergens which leads to allergy symptoms going away as time goes by.

Back to our main focus, are allergy shots really worth it? In short, it does. The cost of allergy shots might be a setback for some people but it is definitely worth it to get the shots as a complete course of allergy shots can help cover a person from allergy reactions in the long run. Allergy shots is perfect for those with allergic reactions that cannot be controlled by medications, those with allergic reactions that could not avoid certain allergens such as those wanting to take care of cats but allergic to the animal, allergy medications causing interactions with other medicine a person need to take or unwanted side effects and those looking for ways on reducing long-term use of allergy medication.

In essence, allergy shots are effective and definitely worth it. It may take time for most people to find the right regular shots when common treatments do not seem to work. Many people avoid allergy shots as they are terrified of the injections process itself. These groups of people need to understand the pain from the injection is brief while the benefits of having less to no allergy symptoms they will be getting would last for a lifetime. Common side effect allergy shots are similar to any other injections which are redness, swelling and itching at the injection site. If you experience breathing difficulty, sudden light-headedness or swelling inside the throat, do let the healthcare provider know this. It is important to have thorough discussion with healthcare providers regarding allergy shots and to be disciplined with the long course of treatment. This is necessary for the allergy shots to be effective.

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