When Will Free Covid-19 Tests End in England?

When the pandemic began, a lot of people were affected. Almost everyone experienced staying at home and learned to adapt to all the Covid-19 protocols as quickly as possible. The government implemented strict rules such as wearing a mask in public places. People are also suggested to stay at home when they have symptoms of the said virus. You can go back to your normal activities only if you are feeling well enough to do so as well as if you do not have a high temperature anymore. More importantly, you are sure enough to know that you are not a carrier of any virus.

In this way, the transmission of the virus will be lessened to none. If you are worried about your symptoms, you can always contact the nearest testing facility so you can get tested. Avoiding contact with other people was also necessary to get a positive result from a coronavirus test.

People who are required to visit your home should know that you have tested positive or have symptoms. They can take precautions, such as covering their faces with a good-fitting cover, keeping away from you as much as possible, and keeping their hands sanitized.

If you are asked to go to a dental or medical appointment, contact your healthcare provider and give them information about your current status.

If you will be staying at your home, keep in mind that it is okay to ask your friends, family, or neighbors to help you get food and other necessities.

If you live in the UK, you must know by now that you and your fellow residents in England are no longer allowed to get the free lateral flows LFTs and PCR tests. The said free tests will be scrapped as part of the government’s plan, “learning to live with Covid.” 

This will apply to all people residing in England, except elderly adults over 75 years old and children aged 12 with weak immune systems. Accordingly, it was announced that it is good to discontinue the free testing program if hospital admissions continue to decline. Other than England, France and Germany have also stopped universal free testing.

While many will be sad over this news, this is an opportunity for you to look for testing facilities near you. So that you will be able to contact them immediately when you or one of your family members gets any symptoms of the Covid-19 virus. 

When it comes to the rest of the UK, the Scottish government will shift to a targeted testing system in Scotland. Individuals with COVID symptoms will no longer be required to have coronavirus testing starting May 1. They will be asked to remain at home until they feel better. Furthermore, their current contract tracing and physical testing will end as well. 

On the other hand, in Wales, they will maintain their existing protocols until the end of June. PCR tests will not be free anymore. However, you can still get free LFTs online for people with symptoms. 

In Ireland, people are still waiting for their announcement when it comes to free coronavirus tests.

If you wish to travel or leave England, you must look for pharmacies or health facilities that offer fit to fly tests to ensure that you are eligible to leave or travel to the UK. A negative Covid-19 PCR test result with a doctor’s signed fit to travel certificate should be administered to you.

You can read this infographic if you want to know more about the free COVID-19 test in England and its current rules. For an affordable COVID-19 testing kit, contact the trusted and reliable Harley Medic International for official rapid tests. Get in touch through their website.



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