Tummy Tuck Procedure – Methods, Reasons To Undergo It, Risks

A man, woman, teenager, kid, senior citizen, everybody wants to look good and presentable today. Lean, mean, chiseled, zero figure look are talking points. What puts everybody off is a tummy. A paunch or bloated belly is a big NO. People resort to exercise and dieting. What they do not know is that it is the last to go. It is first in and last to go. Genetics play in body constitution. Vigorous exercise, it remains. So what is the solution?. A tummy tuck procedure is necessary.

So what is the tummy tuck procedure? It is often confused with liposuction. What are the methods? Tummy tuck procedure is a cosmetic surgery performed in the abdominal area surrounding the navel. It consists of removing loose and excess fat, skin, and tighten fascia from the stomach region. In medical terms, it is called abdominoplasty. It makes the abdomen region firm and tight. There are two types of tummy tuck procedure, full abdominoplasty, and partial abdominoplasty. In complete abdominoplasty, the abdomen surgery from hipbone to hipbone. Muscle, tissue, skin are contoured to give a toned look. The belly button position moves. This procedure takes many hours, and a drainpipe, required for a couple of days. The mini-abdominoplasty surgery takes a couple of hours to perform. It involves fat removal and tightening of the skin in and around the navel area. Drainpipe not required after surgery.

The reasons for a tummy tuck procedure are that you have an obese body structure. Pregnancy or had a C-section done. The body undergoes significant lot of weight change. Age causes loose skin around the belly. A tummy tuck procedure is required. Do not undergo a tummy tuck procedure, if weight loss is your goal. It doesn’t work. If you are planning a pregnancy, avoid it. A tummy tuck tightens vertical abdominal muscles, and pregnancy loosens the vertical abdominal muscles. If the body mass index is thirty, then don’t go ahead. People with chronic conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, advised against the procedure. Smokers advised against the tummy tuck procedure.

The tummy tuck procedure sounds simple but comes with its bag of risks. It can be fatal and cause death if not proper. It causes fluid accumulation under the skin called a seroma. The wound may take a lot of time to heal. Antibiotics needed. Sensation, near the stomach, thighs lost. It can cause scarring. Tissue damage is possible. Another round of surgery is required. The steps are anesthesia, incision, the closing of incision, follow-up, results. Anesthesia is general or intravenous. Incision from pubic to navel region. Excess skin determines the length of the incision. After skin muscle tightening. New belly button positioning. Closing of incision by adhesives, sutures, clips tapes. The result is a firm abdomen with well-defined contours.

Tummy tuck procedure requires that you need to choose an experienced surgeon, like Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center. Choice of the improper surgeon could lead to death or other permanent damages. Opt for a tummy tuck procedure if it is necessary. Enjoy the confidence boost post-surgery.

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