Top 6 Teeth Whitening Facts You Must Know!

Is your smile looking stained and dull? Professional teeth whitening by the dentist in Kokomo, IN, is an ultimate solution where experts treat your teeth to erase unwanted stains. Additionally, you get your sparkly white smile back! There are several facts and myths about teeth whitening treatment. This article has jotted down the top 6 facts about teeth whitening. Here we go! 

Facts About Teeth Whitening 

1. Professionals teeth whitening is more powerful 

According to research, packaged whiteners contain 2 to 14% of whitening agents. Meanwhile, professionals use high-quality products with more than 20% whitening agents that work efficiently on your teeth. This percentage difference ensures you enjoy white teeth faster and better.  

2. Teeth whitening is safe 

Unlike what everyone says, teeth whitening procedures are completely safe. Since it is performed by experts, they take necessary measures to protect your teeth and follow all guidelines to minimize the damage. On the contrary, packaged whiteners contain harmful ingredients that cause tooth cavities. 

3. Dental cleaning improves teeth whitening results 

One major reason for dull-looking teeth is plaque buildup that damages the teeth’ enamel. When you meet a professional for teeth whitening, they carefully remove all plaque buildup and give you white teeth. Additionally, it minimizes the chances of tooth cavities.

4. Skin and teeth have a lot in common 

Teeth may appear like smooth and shiny shells from the surface; however, teeth contain millions of microscopic pores, the same as human skin. These pores widen during the teeth whitening treatment, allowing products to sweep in and effortlessly remove stains. 

5. Tooth sensitivity after teeth whitening is normal

After a professional teeth whitening treatment, most people experience tooth sensitivity. Many believe it is a side effect; however, it is completely normal and subsides with time. In case the sensation is causing a lot of pain and discomfort, get professional help. 

6. Tooth whitening tooth may cause damage 

Using teeth-whitening toothpaste can damage your teeth’ enamel because it contains abrasive materials that impact your teeth. This results in tooth sensitivity and damaged teeth. Therefore, it is advised to seek professional help for teeth whitening. 

Wrapping Up 

Suppose you are tired of shying away from smiling due to your stained and yellow-colored teeth; it’s time to get teeth whitening treatment from professionals. Book your appointment today! 

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