The Complete Sex Addiction Guide

The sex addiction topic is still controversial in this time and age. This addiction refers to excess sexual desires, thoughts, and behaviors that cannot be regulated and harm your finances, relationships, and other life aspects. Sexual addiction is also known as hypersexuality, and its treatment includes psychotherapy and medications. 

Sex addiction entails activities that are typical in sex life, like pornography, masturbation, and cybersex. Hypersexuality affects over 5% of Americans, most of who have any of the following health conditions;

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Impulse control disorders
  • Mood swings
  • Personality disorders. 

Below we discuss everything you need to know about sex addiction.

Symptoms of Sex Addiction 

Remember, sex addiction is not listed in the DSM-5, meaning a massive controversy exists. The main characteristic is behavioral secrecy, whereby the person with the disorder gets skilled in hiding this condition even from their close family members. 

These individuals lie about specific activities and indulge in them where they will not be found. However, these symptoms are noticeable at times. An individual with sex addiction might have any of the following signs;

  • Obsessive and chronic fantasies and thoughts
  • Lying to cover certain behaviors
  • Feeling guilty after sex
  • Inability to regulate their behavior
  • Experiencing professional consequences.

Compulsive behaviors destroy relationships; for instance, some claim that sex addiction results from infidelity among their partners. You should remember that enjoying great sex does not categorize you as a sex addict or the differences between you and your partner’s sexual urges. 


Sex addiction diagnosis remains controversial, meaning no known treatment options exist. People who treat this condition recommend any of the following treatment options. 

Inpatient Programs

Different inpatient centers provide the best sex addiction recovery options. People experiencing sex addiction are removed from their everyday lives for at least thirty days to enable them to begin healing and get control of their impulses. These programs mainly have in-depth solo and group sessions. 

12-Steps Program 

There are programs like Sex Addicts Anonymous that feature a recovery model that can be extremely important when battling this addiction. Members are not asked to forfeit sex entirely but are advised against destructive and compulsive sexual behavior. 

This program also has group meetings to enable others battling the same condition to have the best support system. Cognitive behavioral therapy also helps sex addicts to identify their triggers and determine how to manage them accordingly. 

This therapy is achieved via in-person sessions with a certified therapist. 


Some individuals might gain from a drug therapy course. Some antidepressants help to eliminate these urges, but it remains unclear whether a doctor might have the exact medication for this. 

Sex Addiction Outlook 

The person experiencing sexual addiction experiences unique challenges. These people might be participating in activities that put their health and relationships at stake. Sex addiction is also considered a controversial diagnosis, lacking evidence-based treatments.  

Sex therapy is a form of talk that aims to help couples and individuals address psychological, personal, and medical factors influencing sexual satisfaction. Sex therapy is aimed at helping these individuals overcome these challenges to have a positive sex life. 

Sexual dysfunction has become increasingly common, and over 42% of women receive sexual dysfunction signs in their lifetime, including;

  • Low libido
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Lack of interest
  • Unexplained sexual kinks
  • Inability to handle sexual behaviors
  • Low confidence.

Full-filling sex life is natural and healthy. Emotional and physical intimacy are crucial components of a person’s well-being, and you might struggle to have a fulfilling sex life when sexual dysfunction happens. Sex therapy might help you to realign your sexual urges and enhance sexual satisfaction. 

Sex therapy is like any other psychotherapy; the condition can be managed by discussing your worries, experiences, and feelings. The therapist and sex addict can develop coping mechanisms to enhance their responses later in life and have a healthy sex life. 

The sexual addiction therapists will proceed to push you to become a better version of yourself and accept any concerns that might cause sexual dysfunction. It aims to provide encouragement and comfort for change, as you will be eager to research how to stop an addiction after leaving your office. 

The only way to determine if you need a sex therapist is to analyze which parts are mainly affected and how you feel at the moment. If your emotional wellness and quality of life are involved, you should not hesitate to contact a therapist. 

A certified sex therapist can be an accredited psychologist, psychiatrist, or social clinical employee. These professionals undergo extensive training to be considered an accredited therapist. 

Fortunately, you can quickly get the best therapy services by requesting referrals from friends and relatives. However, you should know the following things before booking an appointment;


All therapists are unique, and the best sessions depend on how you communicate with the expert and to what degree you trust them to help you overcome your concerns. It is advisable to hire another therapist if you do not feel comfortable to make the most of that situation. 


It is crucial to consider the therapist’s location before hiring one to determine their accessibility. You might participate in these sessions during your tea break or on a random day when you have free time. 

Some therapists also provide telehealth services, meaning you can meet them from the comfort of your house. Clients should ensure they can access their therapist’s office anytime to avoid missed sessions. 

Treatment Plan 

Your therapist will take you through a treatment plan in your first appointment, and several sessions are required during the initial days. However, you might be released from your therapist’s care when the treatment starts working. 

Insurance Coverage 

Not all health insurance plans cater to psychotherapy, and those that cover it might have an individual deductible or special requirements. 

Final Thoughts 

Sex addiction is a significant concern among many people today. Fortunately, there are different experts who can help you to overcome it. The above article has discussed everything you need to know about sex addiction, and more information is available online. 

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