The Best Nootropics for Brain Health: The Guide to Cognitive Enhancement

Nootropics are drugs that have been designed to improve mental health and cognitive functions. These drugs, which are typically prescribed as supplements, can be classified according to the part of the brain they target. The primary focus of this article is on the Best Nootropics of 2022 that encourage stimulation to the prefrontal cortex, which is involved in memory consolidation and higher order processes.

Neurotransmitters and Nootropic Function

Dopamine is a chemical that enables communication between two neurons. When a neuron fires, it releases dopamine into the synapse between itself and a neighboring neuron, which then picks up the message by binding to the dopamine. The release of dopamine creates an incentive for your brain’s neurons to keep firing, thus encouraging your brain to form new memories. Receptors associated with these neurons are called D1 receptors. Dopamine also plays an important role in motor control by encouraging movement and motor signals to areas like the muscles and spinal cord. Additionally, it contributes to our body’s ability to feel pleasure from eating or having sex, among other things.

Nootropic Function

Nootropics can work in a similar way, by stimulating the dopamine receptors. This is often done through the usage of amphetamines, which increase dopamine’s effects by breaking down and releasing dopamine into the brain. This is a very efficient way to improve your brain’s ability to form new memories, but as mentioned earlier, this approach does have high side effects due to its use of amphetamines.

An alternative method for increasing dopamine levels would be to use compounds that target the D1 receptors associated with the prefrontal cortex. These are referred to as dopaminergic nootropics. These include Sulbutiamine (also known by various other names) and BacopaMonnieri. These drugs also increase dopamine levels in the brain, but they have been shown to have nootropic effects unlike amphetamines.

Phenylpiracetam has a similar mode of action to Sulbutiamine and BacopaMonnieri, in that it increases the activity of dopamine in the prefrontal cortex. However, Phenylpiracetam does not work through D1 receptors and is instead thought to increase dopamine levels through a single receptor called the AMPA receptor. It has also been shown to boost motivation and attention. Additional research is needed on these drugs’ other potential abilities, such as increasing learning speed and memory formation.

Most people don’t have too many side effects from using these nootropics, but you should take care to note if you have a history of mental health problems. This becomes even more important in the case of substance abuse, as prolonged usage can lead to addiction, which is very dangerous for your health.

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