Proven Ways to Speed Up Muscle Recovery

After the first day at the gym or a strenuous physical training session, the body starts aching, people feel pain in their muscles, and it may feel troublesome to walk. People who train hard are very likely to face problems like DOMS (delayed-onset muscle soreness). It is muscle pain that takes one or two days after working out hard. Also, people may feel acute muscle soreness; a burning sensation one may feel while working out or exercising. So there are different kinds of pains that people may feel if they are too obsessed with exercising and going to the gym.

So the question that people often ask the trainers or doctors is, should they stop going to the gym or working out hard in this case? No! They should know the proper ways to relax their muscles and quicken the muscle recovery process. There are ways to speed up the process of muscle recovery.

How to speed up muscle recovery

Some of the most popular and effective ways to speed up the muscle recovery process are-

Use a hot water bag

Using a hot water bag is a popular method to relieve the pain of the muscles felt after hardcore training. There are many types of hot water from which you can choose your own. You can also visit the website of Healthskool Pharmacy to grab a hot water bag online.

7-8 hours of sleep

It is hard to imagine someone who doesn’t love sleep. Did you know sleep is one of the easiest ways to help muscles recover naturally? Have 7 hours of shut-eye during the night and, if possible, some 1 hour of sleep during the daytime.

Hydrate your body

Hydrating your body is essential to help muscles recover fast. The body may acquire toxins that can be harmful to your health. Drinking plenty of water is necessary for removing these toxins from inside the body. While people usually need 3 liters of water per day, if you are a gym freak, you may need to drink 7-10 ounces of water after 15-20 minutes of exercising.

Drink protein shake

Drinking protein shake is a popular way to speed up muscle recovery. It helps build damaged muscle tissues fast. Drinking protein shakes has been found to reduce the severity of muscle soreness and speed up the process of muscle recovery. So grab a protein shake and enjoy your workout.

Using ice

Using ice may be effective if you try to relieve pain during exercise. Using ice in the area of pain for 20 minutes is a great way to speed up muscle recovery.

Eating high protein meal

To facilitate the muscle recovery process, eating high-protein meals is very important. Non-veg meals such as egg and chicken are the most popular in this case. On the other hand, vegetarians may take soybean, gram, chickpea, and high protein pulses as those are high in protein.

Keeping a rest day every week

Do not skip rest days! Doctors and researchers say people who do not take a day of complete rest every week are more likely to face muscle-related problems in the future. So, it is advised to keep a day of complete rest after every 7-10 days of work out.

Use medications

You may have to use medications if the effect of muscle pain or body ache is severe. Many people think that using medications may be harmful to the body, but it is a myth. To help muscle recover fast, anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxant medicines may be as crucial as taking drugs when you are ill. However, it is advised to take medicines only after consulting with the doctors.

In many places, muscle relaxants may not be available. However, you need not worry about that. Just visit the website of Healthskool Pharmacy, where you can avail muscle relaxants medicines online.




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