IPL kit hair remover vs. Traditional hair removal – Which is better?

There has been considerable progress in hair removal over the years.  While shaving and waxing used to be the only options, technology has now made it possible to remove hair more effectively and safely at home. IPL hair removal kits have become increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional methods. But how do they compare and which method is the best option? IPL devices emit pulses of bright light into the skin, which is absorbed by the melanin (pigment) in the hair follicles. The light energy converts to heat, damaging the follicle so it no longer grows hair. IPL kit devices are now available for at-home use. They are smaller, less powerful versions of professional machines, but still very effective for reducing hair growth.

Using an at-home IPL device is a relatively easy process. You simply glide the device over your skin to deliver pulses of light to each area of unwanted hair. Most devices have adjustable settings to tailor the intensity to your skin tone and hair color. Darker hair on light skin gets the best results. Treatments need to be repeated every 2-3 weeks as hair growth cycles. After that, maintenance sessions can occur as little as once a month.

What about traditional hair removal methods?

Shaving is the most widely used hair removal method because it’s fast, easy, and cheap. However, it only cuts the hair at the skin level so regrowth happens quickly. Shaving also causes stubbly regrowth and can lead to ingrown hairs for some people.

Waxing pulls hairs out from the root, so lasts longer than shaving. But it is painful, irritates sensitive skin, and often leads to ingrown hairs. Regular waxing is needed every 4-6 weeks.

Epilators are electrical devices that tweeze out hairs. They are a longer-lasting option than shaving, but not as long as waxing. It is painful to use and leads to ingrown hairs too.

Hair removal creams dissolve hair below the skin. They are one of the easiest and pain-free options. However, many contain harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin. Results only last about a week.

Electrolysis kills hair follicles by targeting them with an electrical current. It requires multiple treatments, but the results are permanent after a year or so. It is expensive, time-consuming, and can scar if not done properly.

Which hair removal method is best for you?

  • Your hair and skin type – fine, coarse, thick, or dark hair; sensitive or resilient skin
  • Body area being treated – face, underarms, bikini line
  • Time commitment – how often you can maintain treatments
  • Pain tolerance – some options like waxing or epilators can be uncomfortable
  • Desired results – temporary or permanent reduction

In general, IPL hair removal kits offer some of the longest-lasting results for people with lighter skin and darker hair. The ability to use them from home makes treatment fast, easy, and affordable overall. But not everyone is a good candidate, so traditional methods like shaving or waxing may be better alternatives for some people.

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