East Coast Vs. West Coast Lice Removal: A Detailed Study On Seattle And Los Angeles Methods

It is possible to avoid the risk of infestation by these insects as much as possible by adopting certain daily behaviors. First, remember to have your hair styling equipment (comb, brush). These pests can be caught by the exchange of objects that come into contact with the hair.

Then, don’t swap your hat, coat, scarf, or even a hoodie. If someone you know has lice, it is important to treat the problem. Tie up your hair until these insects have completely disappeared from your environment, especially if you have long hair. Also, examine your scalp regularly.

Prevention at school to avoid the spread

It is estimated that children are the main victims of lice. The school environment is therefore particularly affected, like being careful to separate clothes on coat racks, putting away scarves and hats, and not mixing them up. It’s also about not exchanging hairbrushes or hats between children. It is best to keep long hair tied up and inform the parents when a case arises.

Prevention at home

The best prevention at home remains to regularly check your children’s hair, mainly in the scalp’s hottest strategic areas. Lifting the hair strand by strand makes it possible to quickly check by looking carefully. Another solution is regularly running an anti-lice comb through your children’s hair. A visit once or twice a week is more than sufficient.

How Do We Detect The Presence Of Lice?

It’s pretty easy to tell if you have lice. Although these insects measure barely 3mm, the main symptom of their presence is undoubtedly the sensation of itching of the scalp and body. However, it may happen that you do not automatically feel an itching sensation.

If you suspect their presence, check immediately by carefully examining your hair, mainly at the nape of the neck and ears, the warmest places on the head. When you realize that you or your child are infested with lice, using suitable products to eliminate them will be necessary.

The Different Solutions To Get Rid Of Lice Effectively

Unlike hair lice, body lice take full advantage of poor hygiene. Their development leaves marks in brown plaques, and the lesions are often infected. To get rid of this category of pests, it will generally be necessary to disinfect household linens, clothing, and bedding by washing at a temperature above 50°. If this is not enough, a visit to the doctor and a prescription for insecticides will be necessary.

Insecticides To Get Rid Of Lice

There are insecticide-based lice shampoos available in pharmacies and LiceDoctors. These are products for which it will be necessary to re-treat one week after the first application. They are no longer first-line products in treating head lice because significant resistance among lice has appeared.

Non-Insecticide Products To Get Rid Of Lice

Frequently used pesticide-free products are most often based on dimethicone, a silicone-based substance. This fluid solution will coat the lice with a film blocking their respiratory and excretory orifices. Lice can no longer breathe, and their metabolism becomes blocked.

A new generation of anti-lice products is formulated with Oligocene oil, which kills lice and nits by suffocating and drying them, and LPF, or Lice Protection Factor, responsible for making the hair hostile to lice for 3 days. This new generation of products makes hair less dull, easier to clean, and more easily biodegradable than silicone-based products.

Using A Comb To Get Rid Of Lice

An anti-lice comb can be adopted in addition to other products, such as an anti-lice shampoo or white vinegar. If you choose to treat the infestation with the comb, bring a complete kit, a tissue, and a toothpick to remove the baby lice that get stuck between the teeth of the comb. Water can immobilize these insects. The process of this anti-lice remedy is simple. Comb the hair strand by strand, starting at the hairline and staying in contact with the scalp.

Is There A Need For Post-Lice Treatment Follow-Up?

After carrying out the first anti-lice treatment like lice removal los angeles for example, waiting a week is generally preferable and repeating the solution to eliminate any possible eggs.

Since hair lice do not live long once they leave the scalp, additional cleaning may not be necessary. However, remember to thoroughly clean objects that have come into contact with these insects, such as hats, combs, hairbrushes, and pillowcases. So remember to clean these objects thoroughly with hot water.

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