Common causes for hair loss in men

Hair loss can be destructive, but if you think your hair might be thinning, know that you are not isolated. Hair loss is one of the most common problems dermatologists see, and treatment is possible in many cases. Men are no strangers to hair loss. Two-thirds of men experience hair loss by the age of thirty-five. By the age of fifty, approximately eighty-five percent of report detectable hair thinning menThe first step is to figure out the reasons for what is happening, and the key is to start early. Here you can check out the Common causes of hair loss in men:


The common type of hair loss, androgenetic alopecia, is congenital and interconnected to age. Medically known as androgenetic alopecia, male baldness is indicated by a receding hairline and thinning around the head. The reports reveal that twenty-five percent of men start seeing the effect of MPB as young as twenty-one. Hormonal changes typically cause hereditary hair loss. Hormonal imbalances play a significant role in both males and females. But it usually starts with a thinning hair man above your temples and crown.

Diet & Nutrition

When a diet does not usually play as significant a role in male hair loss as it does for women, nutritional deficiencies can lead to unintended thinning and shedding. It is correct that men fail to meet the necessary dietary allotments for nutrients.


Nearly everyone will detect hair fall and hair thinning once they age. Your cells continually grow and die off at all ages, but when we’re older, our cells die off more quickly than regenerate. It is the reason that you get weaker bones and are skinnier. And it is a similar process for your hair. As we age, we also produce less oil in our scalp, making our hair weak and brittle. It can also contribute to overall hair loss and thinning. Some people may undergo more severe hair loss with age in a state known as pattern hair loss. We’ll talk more about that below.

Imbalance Immune System

Suppose you have premature hair loss that defects around bald places about the size of a quarter in various areas on your head. In that case, you may have a hereditary condition. It often begins in childhood. You are possible to have it if a close family member has it. Your body’s resistance system attacks your hair strands, inducing small patches of hair to lose. There is no pain or sickness involved, and it is not contagious. Your hair might grow back, but it may fall again.


Modeling a ponytail or braids where the hair next to the scalp is pulled tightly can cause temporary hair loss called traction alopecia. Plus, warm oil treatments might harm your hair follicles.

Bottom Line

If you are experiencing hair loss, don’t get fear. If you are a man, take action to see a certified dermatologist for hair thinning men as soon as possible. Hence, you should first know the Common causes of hair loss in men before any process.

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