5 Detox Water Recipes for Body Cleanse

Drinking water is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. It is safe and regular hydration is also good for the skin and in regulating your body temperature. However, you can make your water detoxification journey even more fun by adding flavours to the universal drink.

There are many delicious flavours that you can add to your water for a more enjoyable weight loss journey. Here are a few of them.

Cucumber and Mint

On top of losing weight, there are also several benefits with enjoying your water with these natural flavours. They help deliver antioxidants to the body and are known to be anti-cancer. The fruit combination also helps in lowering blood pressure and decreasing the chances of getting diabetic. Cucumber and mint in your water also helps boost bone health.

Lemon and Ginger

Ginger and lemon is another preferred combination that is often mixed with drinking water. It can help lose weight as well as improve immunity against diseases. The combination is also known for reducing the risks of liver disease and cardiovascular disease. Pain relief due to extensive exercise is another health benefit that can be enjoyed through the anti-inflammatory properties of lemon and ginger.

Lime Powder

Lime powder is a natural food additive that promotes good metabolic health. Thus, it is easier to lose weight and remove toxic chemicals in the body. The mixture is also good for boosting the body’s energy because of the natural vitamin D present in lime powder. Groceries are the best places if you are wondering where to buy lime powder. However, you can harvest and ground its dried roof on your own.

Watermelon and Mint

One of the most refreshing and delicious flavours that you can add to water is the combination of watermelon and mint. It offers  balance between sweet and tangy flavours perfect to refresh you after running or exercise.  Watermelon alone is already 92% water but its flavour is so powerful you wouldn’t notice it at all. High water content in your body helps you make yourself fuller thus helping you control your food intake, losing those extra pounds in the process.

Orange and Lemon

For a citrus flavour on your water, you can add orange and lemon slices. The combination helps flush toxins in the body, boosts your immune system and promotes healthy digestion. Orange and lemon is also loaded with vitamin C, citric acid, vitamin B and more which also helps you achieve glowing and healthy skin. It provides that necessary nutrients that your body needs, something you may miss when you are on a diet.

Adding fruit slices to your water as part of your detoxifying process is one way to rehydrate your body while enjoying the benefits of the minerals and vitamins present in these food items. It helps boost your immune system and provides additional benefits towards a healthier new you.

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